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Sifu Clear Beijing wit a Student of Li Gui Chang
Sifu Clear practicing Xing Yi in Beijing, China

About Richard Clear

Sigung Clear and Tyrone Jackson
Richard Clear and Tyrone Jackson

Sigung Clear first began learning Yiquan from his original Xing Yi teacher Tyrone Jackson. Our Xing Yi lineage is: 

Kuo Yun Shen >  Wang Xiangzhai > Lee Ying Arng > Dr. Fred Wu > Tyrone Jackson > Richard Clear.

Wang Xiangzhai is also the creator of Yiquan. Master Wang felt that Xing Yi was often taught with too much emphasis on 'outer form', neglecting the essence of true martial power. So in the mid 1920’s He started to teach what he felt was the essence of the art and simply called it Yiquan; an approach that is similar in many ways to the Kuntao emphasis on practicality and function over form.

Because of Master Wang’s influence, the Xing Yi that Richard Clear learned from Tyrone was mixed with Yiquan and heavily influenced by this philosophy of focusing on the essence of the art.

Of course, Sigung Clear has continued his studies since that time. Learning Xing Yi & Yiquan from a number of skilled teachers in the US and in China. Including from his Kuntao & Silat teacher Willem deThouars.

Richard Clear and Willem de Thouars.
Richard Clear and Willem de Thouars.

Even though he is in his late 70s Willem de Thouars personal expression of Hsing-I is still internally powerful and shockingly sudden even today as of this writing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I Access the online lessons with my iPad or Android?

A. Yes, the lessons are mobile friendly and will play on most smartphones and tablets.

Q. Do I need a training partner?

A. Yes & No. You can get a lot out of the program with solo study. However, to get the full benefit of the program and to prepare for a certification test you will need a training partner.

Q. Does my training partner(s) need to be a Clear’s Yi Quan member?

A. No, Your training partners do not need to be members of Clear’s Yi Quan

Q. How long will I have access?

A. You will have Lifetime access to this program once you join the Yiquan Intensive Online. We fully expect most folks will take 8 - 12 months of study to become proficient in all the material, but we know our students will continue to gain skill and learn from these videos for years to come. There's a whole lot of stuff packed into this program, and we want you to take full advantage of it all.