Sigung Clear strips away the fluff & filler to teach you how these systems really fight and why they are so powerful.

“This fight first training method provides the ‘missing pieces’ that experienced practitioners are searching for and builds a solid foundation for beginners.” - Sigung Clear

The Internal Martial Arts were created for survival.

  • You do not need to learn more forms.
  • You do not need to learn more esoteric theory.
  • You do not need to learn buzzwords and memorize classic sayings.

This series is packed with powerful no-nonsense self defense that will give you deeper insight into how each of these arts is really used.

Topics include:

  • Striking, Grappling & The Power of Soft
  • Bladework & Emergency Knife Defense
  • Fighting methods of each Xing Yi element
  • Penetrating Power & Fortifying the Center
  • The Thorny King, Spring Power & Bone Shields
  • Applications of Circle Walking & Uses of Single Palm Change
  • Moving the Center & Multiple Attacker positioning
  • Dissolving, Whips & Hiding the Center
  • Leading the opponent into a bad position & much more

Qigong - Internal Energy Development.

You will learn simple, practical methods to “develop your Chi.”

The Qigong practice you develop in this course will have a direct benefit your martial power.

(Even when we’re talking about things like “Chi” and “energy” we keep it practical. With clear instruction and exercises you can actually use.)

Of course there are a bunch of great health benefits that come from this training as well.

Convenient Online Training

This course is delivered online.

You can access your lessons almost anywhere you have an internet connection. On your PC, Mac, Smartphone, Tablet, etc...

Within minutes of signing up you will be able to access the entire course along with forums for Q&A, Discussion & finding training partners.

This program covers the material on these DVDs:

  • Internal Combat Arts Vol 1: Kun Tao Silat - $35
  • Internal Combat Arts Vol 2: Xing Yi Quan - $35
  • Internal Combat Arts Vol 3: Ba Gua Zhang - $35
  • Internal Combat Arts Vol 4: Tai Chi Chuan - $35
  • Chi Energy Activation Cultivation & Flow - $65

Total Cost = $205 $147 (You Save $58)

And there’s no shipping cost because there’s nothing to ship.

It’s time to bring back the power of the Internal Martial Arts.

Internal Combat Arts Course - $147

Course Requirements
You will need an internet connection to view this course. You'll be able to view these lessons in all major browsers and on most mobile devices.

All Sales are final. There are no refunds. However if you have any technical trouble let us know right away.


Q. Will I get a set of DVDs with this order?
A. No, this is a completely digital course. Nothing will be shipped.

Q. How long will I be able to access the lessons?
A. This is a lifetime membership so you can keep coming back and reviewing these lessons over and over.

Q. What kind of computer & software do I need?
A. You need a computer, smartphone or tablet with an internet connection. We support all major browsers and most mobile devices.

Q. Can I use my Smart Phone / Tablet / mobile device.
A. Yes, we support html 5 and most mobile devices