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No forms, No complicated techniques, No abstract theory.

This course is packed with practical instruction and freestyle drills, games and sparring that will get you up to fighting speed as efficiently as possible. You will learn how to:

  • Make your fighting truly formless.
  • Generate power from softness.
  • Dissolve your center.
  • Become so light and fluid that an attacker cannot land anything substantial.
  • Lead the attacker into emptiness
  • Use Internal Dim Mak strikes when someone’s trying to hit you.
  • Build effective fighting skill with Tai Chi in less than 2 years.
  • and much more...

Formless Tai Chi Fighting
Learn to take advantage of your opponents weaknesses.

The training includes: Intro to Tai Chi Ghost This is condensed series of drills that distills the core training you need to build Tai Chi’s Ghost quality. Intro to Push Hands for self defense This series of drills teaches you the basics of how Push Hands and Sticking Hands can be directly applied to self defense. Freestyle Push Hands Games & Drills This teaches you the games and drills you need to build reliable Tai Chi combative skill and you’ll learn how to fight with these games. Freestyle Fighting the Tai Chi Way This builds on the principles you developed in the Freestyle Push Hands section and teaches you how to fight effectively with all the softness and power of Tai Chi. Bonus Materials: 2014 NY Combat Tai Chi Workshop This is from a private training session on Combat Tai Chi that will give you deeper insight and understanding into the application of this art. Tai Chi Sticky Hands

  • Sticking
  • Structure & Softness – Intro to Fa Jing & How to Neutralize it
  • Applying Tai Chi Techniques
  • Bridging The Gap Between Push Hands & Self Defense
  • Fa Jing & Fa Jing Neutralization

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Learn to Generate Power from Softness.

Instant Online Access – Once you join you will receive access to the members area. Right now there is a condensed training series titled “Intro to The Ghost Method” waiting for you. These 15 lessons will teach you the heart of the Tai Chi fighting method. How to become a “ghost” to your opponent. The ability to stand right next to an attacker without them being able to hit or grab you. This skill is the foundation of Tai Chi fighting.