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single palm package;
A $320 Value
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Bonus: Single Palm Certification Package

  • Introduction to Bagua - $35
  • Internal Combat Arts Vol. 3: Baguazhang - $35
  • Bagua Exercises - $50
  • Phase 1 Vol. 01: Open Hand - $100
  • Phase 1 Vol. 14: Multiple Attackers - $100

Total: $320 FREE

Join the Bagua Intensive Program now, and gain access to this incredible program for FREE.

Under normal circumstances, private classes and instruction with Sifu Clear could cost as much as $250/hr, but after studying the Single Palm Certification Course, you can call to schedule your own 2 hour test with us for FREE. With completion of the test and prerequisites, you will be awarded with certification to teach the Baguazhang Single Palm Course, and intensive hands on-experience with Sifu Clear and his best students!

Training Includes:

  • Learn Yi training to disorient the opponent and disrupt their balance.
  • Learn to fight with Bagua's turning & spinning footwork against multiple opponents.
  • In depth study of 90, 180, 270, 360, 540 & 720 degree spins and how to fight with them
  • Learn to use the basic Bagua energies against multiple opponents. Including:
    • Floating Root
    • Whole Body Ball
    • Swimming Dragon
    • Hawk Soaring
    • White Cloud
    • Bear Body
    • Spiral
    • Predator
  • Use your spins, arcs & circles to control a group of attackers
  • Fighting application of different circle sizes & fighting ranges.
  • Learn to destroy grabs, grapples, takedowns and tackles.
  • Train your inner ear for stability while you’re rapidly spinning and turning.
  • How to escape from the center of a determined group of attackers.
  • Specialty Palms
    • Poison Hand
    • Unbending arm & body
    • Spring arm
    • Short Power
    • Searching palm
    • Body Palms
    • Penetrating Palm
    • Whipping Palm (with whole body power)
    • Heaven & Earth Palm
  • How to destroy jabs and cagey attackers with Searching Palm.
  • Rise, Drill, Fall & Overturn.
  • Offensive walking
  • Make your legs as deadly and devastating as your hands with the kicks stomps and aggressive footwork of Bagua.
  • Intro to Double Palm and Double Palm Change
  • Kai (opening & closing)
  • Techniques to increase your speed and your ability to control the space around you.
  • Learn to fight from tight spaces and corners.
  • Basics of Bagua knife and stick work
  • Learn to combine all the skills taught in this course into a seamless fighting system.
  • Learn the most effective way train these skills.

Offensive Bagua Footwork

Offensive Bagua Footwork
Sigung Clear demonstrates a very aggressive Circle Walking drill. From Chapter 1 of the Bagua Intensive.
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Bagua Intensive - $1795

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Make your Attackers Collide!

Make your Attackers Collide!
Sigung Clear explains the finer points of using circles to make the attackers run into each other. From Chapter 2 of the Bagua Intensive.